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HOBO with PAY "HOBO with PAY". I took one year salaried holiday at once and went around asia.
On line version is edited photo-consious.

First Gin of the Day I am playing bass in a Jazz Blues Band named "First Gin of the Day".
If you have a chance to come our live, I'm sure you will have a very COOOOL time !

BBS It's a bulletin board.
Welcome you to write anything you feel.

Yellow Age Statement "Yellow Age Statement" is a kind of essay I write.
Sorry, but read only in Japanese.

What's New A page "What's New"
Indicates the parts newly added or changed.

Link Link Link Selection by Fujiura's interest.
Not very many but all's cool.

Salatabi Two salaried working men, elder Fujiura and young Osamu planed to travel together.
A funny travel that ordinary salaried man can make, we call it "Salatabi".

Yoyogi Diary An Essey about life of Yoyogi. A place very close to Shinjuku,Shibuya,and Meiji-Jingu.
It also can be read as a presonal guide for the heart of Tokyo.

LLS LLS is short for "List of Lesson Soft"。
A list of software to learn music and other hobbies.

Standards 1001 A searcher for musicsheet.
You can find scores of jazz,blues,R&B,pop,and musical songs by songname.

Poster Shop Here's a POSTER SHOP.
Where you can see and buy posters of singers, musicians, and artists.

info. info. is where you are.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask me on BBS or by letter.


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